Commercial Shade Solutions for Schools and Daycares

  The desert climate in Arizona provides an abundance of sunshine throughout the year, and with that, there is also a high risk of sun damage and other heat related problems. With this in mind, outdoor shade becomes a necessity, especially at school campuses and daycare facilities, to protect children from the heat and sun damage that is so prevalent here in Phoenix. Phoenix Tent and Awning Company has been in operation for more than 110 years, and we have helped numerous schools throughout Arizona provide a safer environment for students. We offer several commercial shade solutions designed to shade and… →

How to Reduce Cooling Costs during Phoenix Summers

Air conditioning units in Phoenix, Arizona are remarkable machines, yet we often only think of them when they become less efficient, slow down or completely stop functioning.  Unfortunately, many A/C problems often seem to happen on the hottest day of the summer. With high temperatures lasting over half the year, how can Valley residents keep their A/C units energy efficient and truly reduce cooling bills in their homes and business during the Phoenix summer? Get Your A/C Unit Tuned  Air conditioning companies often run specials right before their prime season to help you save money and make sure your unit is… →