Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Phoenix Tent and Awning's Products and Services

What is the best type of shade canopy for me?

Make us your Phoenix Arizona canopy dealer, and let us find the right backyard or patio canopy for you. An outdoor canopy makes for a cool atmosphere year-round. For your outdoor canopy or replacement canopy, choose from our unique and beautiful sun sails or sail awnings, or shade your backyard with a stylish and practical garden canopy, gazebo canopy or cabana. Outdoor canopies and shade sails block up to 94% of direct sunlight, screen up to 95% of UV rays, and reduce temperatures in the shaded area up to 20 degrees. Beat the heat in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tempe, and beyond with the help of Phoenix Tent and Awning Company.

Can the fabric on my awning or shade canopy shade be replaced?

Yes – we can often replace the fabric on an awning or shade canopy provided the frame is in good shape.

What type of fabric is used to make awnings?

Our Phoenix Arizona awnings are made primarily from Sunbrella fabric. We offer Goodyear, Litchfield Park, Phoenix and Scottsdale retractable awnings, replacement awnings, patio awnings and more, and our Sunbrella awnings come in a variety of attractive colors and patterns. Other available styles include spear awnings and canvas awnings. Sunbrella awning fabric comes with a 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, and is used in such products as patio and window awnings, gazebos, cabanas and more. Enhance the appearance of your home, reduce utility costs, and entertain in comfort with help from Phoenix Tent and Awning Company.

I would like an awning to shade my patio, but I do not want to lose my view. How can you help?

Our Phoenix and Scottsdale awning company can help by providing you with retractable awnings. These versatile patio awnings are also known as roll shades, and retract or roll up when they’re not needed for shade. Phoenix Tent and Awning Company also offers spear awnings, window awnings, replacement awnings, canvas awnings, and sail awnings, as well as a number of great colors and designs from Sunbrella fabrics. Enjoy shade when you need it and an unobstructed view when you don’t by making your Arizona awnings retractable.

Are there different styles available for an awning or a canopy?

Phoenix and Scottsdale canopy dealer Phoenix Tent and Awning Company offers many different styles for a Scottsdale awning or patio canopy. Awning styles include traditional, dome, spear point, and retractable. Our outdoor canopies for patios reduce temperatures and cooling bills, and a gazebo canopy or garden canopy can create a resort style atmosphere in your own backyard. Carefree, Surprise, Peoria and Sun City residents in need of an outdoor canopy or replacement canopy have found our sun sails and shade sails to be unique and effective shade systems. For this reason, you’ll find them everywhere from patios and schools to restaurants, hotels, parking areas and more.